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Far North Equestrian Group 2018 Dressage Championships

It has taken me a week to recover from this competition after riding, coaching, organising and running this big but very enjoyable weekend. The FNEG's first competition back at the beautiful Redlynch Equestrian Association grounds since the flood devastation, it was wonderful to be back on these gorgeous grounds. The weather over the weekend was superb though perhaps a little hot in the middle of the day.

Regal Diamond Days was on song for Saturday morning with a win in the Novice 2.2 for 68.214% (71% from E judge) and second in Preliminary 1.2 on 69.904% (with 72.692% from E judge) . I was really pleased as she was by far the greenest horse in these classes, she handled the different arenas well and stayed really ridable. On Saturday afternoon I couldn't resist the urge to have a go at the freestyle with our Hallelujah theme (music put together near midnight the night before) and although we won on 65.536% it was hot and Squirrel was tired. It took too much fuel out of Sunday's tank and in hindsight I wish I hadn't. On Sunday Squirrel was very accommodating though tired, dropping out of canter in both tests and landing out of the placings.

Hollands Bend Her Highness overcame a unique warm up to win both her tests on Saturday with Andrew, Under 16 1.2 for 67.115% and 67.386% in the Junior Prelim. On Sunday Ebony was feeling tired and had a costly drop out of canter to move down the placings though Andrew was still sashed Reserve Champion Under 16, quite an achievement on a baby horse at her third competition.

Thank you to all competitors, supporters, sponsors and friends for making this a great weekend.

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