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Cairns Show dressage 2018

The weather was superb for this competition and the horses were just as enjoyable. Regal Diamond Days went out for the second time at Novice level for a win on 68.889% in the 2.1 and 2nd in the 2.3 on 64.397%. In the Preliminary 2nd in the 1.1 on 68.997 (C judge 70.227%) and 1st in the 1.3 on 68.804% . I am still finding my own balance on this mare, her movement is so big that I have had to find the right position for my back to accommodate it. She gives the most wonderful feeling through the back when she is relaxed, keeping it through the whole test is a work in progress. As she had a year off to have a foal, Squirrel is still green at this level, great things are still to come.

As a 3 year old baby this year was only ever going to be an introduction for Hollands Bend Her Highness and although this competition was her second ever, she took it in her stride and tried her best. With Andrew in the saddle they were 1st in Under 16 1.1 on 64.773% and 1st in Junior Prelim 1.2 on 65.385%, then Sunday 1st in the Under 16 - 1.3 on 65.978%, third in the Junior Prelim 1.1 on 65.995% after and error of course. A great effort for a very new combination and our big baby horse.

Thank you to Crystal Cascades Horse Park for providing a great venue and Far North Equestrian Group for running this enjoyable competition.

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