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2020 Foals

Regal Furstenbelle (Pretty) black filly 5/09/20 by Funstenball from Regal Perfection in Motion by Pommery 

Regal First Romance (Piper) dark chestnut filly 7/09/20 by For Romance from Regal London's Promise by Londonderry 

Regal Ballerina (Bella) bay filly 25/10/20 by Callaho's Benicio from Hollands Bend Her Highness by His Highness from Rocaille (imp) 

Regal Benicia (Tilly) dark chestnut filly 9/12/20 by Callaho's Benicio from Regal Waltz Time Too by Wolkenstein II

2019 Foals


Regal Wolkenlove (Sassy) chestnut filly 23/9/19 by Wolkenstein II from Regal Rendezvous

Regal Lord (Harry) chestnut colt 26/9/19 by Lauries As from Regal la Bella by Lanthan 

Regal First Class (Champ) black colt 28/10/19  by Finest from Regal Donna Ferrera by Don Frederico 

Regal Queen of the Fairies (Queen) chestnut filly 6/11/19 by Quaterback from Regal Wolkendream by Wolkensttein II 

Regal Furstendarkness (Eli) black colt 7/11/19 by Furstenball from Regal Rendezvous by Rotspon 

Regal Fortuitous, (Tiger) black colt  18/11/19 by For Romance from Regal Waltz Time Too by Wolkenstein II 

2018 Foal


Regal Florentino (Frost) - chestnut colt 4/10/18 by Floriscount out of Regal Wolkendream 


2017 Foals


Regal Visace (Archie) - chestnut colt 4/9/17 by Viscount out of Regal Wolkendream
Regal Viscountess (Stella) - Black filly 21/10/17 by Viscount out of Regal Donna Indira
Regal Dance Time (Tia) - Black filly 11/11/17 by Dancier out of Regal Waltz Time Too


2016 Foals


Regal Don Finesse (Finn) - bay/brown colt 9/9/16 by Don Index out of Regal Wolkendream and slideshow
Regal Floris Pizazz (Zazz) - Dark chestnut colt 1/10/16 by Floriscount out of Regal Perfection in Motion
Regal Wolk's Magic (Huf) - Chestnut colt 29/10/16 by Wolkenstein 11 out of Regal Diamond Days  and slide show
Regal Fine Design (Wolf) - Black colt 29/10/16 ET by Finest out of Regal London Night and slide show
Regal Danciera (Dane) - black brown filly 6/11/16 by Don Dancier out of Regal Life is Sweet  and slide show
Regal Roccoco (Tosca)- dark chestnut filly 25/11/16 by Rotspon out of Regal Waltztime Too
Regal Floris Dance (Dante) - dark chestnut colt 3/12/16 ET by Floriscount out of Regal Donna Ferrera


2015 Foals


Regal Quick as a Flash (Flashy) -chestnut colt DOB 8/9/15 by Quaterback from Regal Wolkendream      and 

Regal Limitless (Lilly) - chestnut filly ET DOB 18/9/15  by Lanthan from Regal Walk in Time    

Regal London Promise (Promise) - chestnut filly DOB 20/9/15 by Londonderry from Regal Perfection in Motion 

Regal Quest (Chilli) - dark chestnut colt 18/10/15 by Quaterback from ET Regal Rendezvous  

Regal Quiet My Heart (Eden) - brown filly 24/10/15 by Quaterback from ET Regal Rendezvous

Regal Lights of London (Domino) - black colt 5/11/15 by Londonderry from Regal Rendezvous    

Regal Diva (Mouse) - brown filly 8/11/15 by Don Index from ET Regal London Night 


2014 Foal


Regal Rapture (Toy) - chestnut  filly DOB 05/10/14 by Rotspon from Regal Waltztime Too (Wolkenstein II)



2013 Foals


Regal Donna Indira (Shae) - black filly DOB 16/9/13 by Don Index from Regal Perfection in Motion (Pommery) 

Regal Quater Hero (Hero) - chestnut colt  DOB 02/11/13  by Quaterback from Regal Rendezvous (Rotspon)

Regal Donna In Silk (Silky) - black filly DOB 27/11/13 by Don Index from Regal La Bella (Lanthan)  

Regal Quickstep  (Flame) - chestnut colt 23/12/13 by Quaterback from Regal Wolkendream (Wolkenstein II)



2012 Foals


Regal Diamond Days (Squirrel) - black filly DOB 9/11/12 by Dancier out of Regal London Night (Londonderry)

Regal Wolkendance  (Jaffa) -  chestnut colt  19/11/12 by Wolkenstein II out of Regal La Bella (Lanthan)

Regal Don Debonair (Inky) -   Black colt DOB 26/12/12 by Don Dancier (imp) out of Regal Walk In Time (Wolkenstein II)­zu7wpOjNx-8



2011 Foals


Regal Luxe (Lulu) - black filly DOB by Lanthan out of Erin's Love XX

Regal Donna Ferrera (Donna) - dark chestnut filly  1/10/12 by Don Frederico out of Regal Perfection in Motion (Pommery)

Regal Beautiful Dream (Tango) - dark chestnut colt DOB 12/10/12 by Benneton Dream (IFS) out of Regal La Bella (Lanthan)

Regal Lauries Noir (Neo) - black colt DOB 4/11/11 by Laurie’s As (imp) out of Regal Rendezvous (Rotspon)

Regal Life is Sweet  (Eclipse) - brown filly DOB 23/11/12 by Laurie's As (imp) out of Regal Dolce Vita (De Niro)

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